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In the past, new home design and construction was limited by the materials used. Today with engineered wood and Huntsville Lumber’s design team, only your imagination limits the possibilities!


Why try to build your home with the limits of conventional lumber? Engineered wood’s ability to do more and span further has made it a staple in new home construction. It is now possible to create that bonus room above the garage that couldn’t be considered in years past with conventional materials.


Huntsville Lumber’s EWP designs start and end at the foundation. When we design your floor we will look at the entire structure and ensure that roof, ceiling, and the floor system(s) can be transferred to the foundation. In most cases, if your foundation lacks piers to handle spans and/or point loads, we will suggest a more cost effective pier design.


Engineered wood floors are designed to make it easy to do a good job. There is  no need to “cull” bad material or worry about the placement of a poorly made connection. An engineered wood system provides consistency of material and with hangers, a uniform and reliable floor that cannot be matched with conventional materials.